I am always looking for a new anti-aging and antioxidant skin care item and I love a job that allows me to try all different ones.  Alogel is super lightweight and I have been applying it in the morning and evening to my face and neck.  It has a really fresh scent that I actually look forward to!  This is ancient Korean Skin Care and all these products contain herbal and natural ingredients instead of all the harsh and confusing chemicals.  So many additional products to choose from.  I really feel like my skin is getting back on track from the drying and trying winter.  For the upcoming summer heat, I am going to pop this into the refrigerator so that it is chilled and ready to soothe my sun-kissed skin!  I can actually feel the extracts doing their thing; skin is brighter and healthier in just a couple of days use.  This bottle is around $30; check it out now so you are ready for the warm weather on its way!

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