Inhyunjin combines the most advanced technologies with time-tested ingredients derived from natural Asian herbs – revealing radiant, ageless skin. Powered by ancient herbal science, this anti-aging formula naturally delivers the essential facets of skin renewal – exfoliation, hydration, regeneration and radiance – helping skin restore balance and reverse the signs of aging. With exclusive SMD Korea’s BioNs2 Technology, a natural fermentation process transforms pure ingredients into beneficial enzymes and nourishing vitamins – efficiently absorbed by deep layers of the skin, ensuring maximum results.

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Featuring Ancient Herbal Science combined with breakthrough innovation, this high-performance, multifunctional serum is designed to do it all. Designed to offer the perfect balance of natural ingredients, formulation and viscosity to achieve optimum results in feel, absorption and efficacy.  Help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and acne scarring to help restore youth and beauty.



Saromae uses natural, safe Asian herbal ingredients to deeply hydrate, making skin bounce back from dryness and uneven texture. The innovative blend allows moisture to stay locked in, leaving skin silky-soft, healthy-looking and absolutely radiant.

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SMD Aloe Vera Gel effectively soothes, calms and hydrates all skin types helping to improve overall tone and texture.  Rich in natural aloe, combined with ancient herbal ingredients, this is the ultimate skincare secret to a more balanced and younger looking complexion.

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