How the Stars Get Red Carpet Ready

Or maybe the title should be how I got my (non-famous) body ready for the red carpet and Oscar parties!

The big stars have literally been getting ready(and fabulous)since January and February. Then I am told hey we are going to an Oscar partyso I need to be ready in a dress standing next to those god-like creatures. But as Julie Roberts says "It takes 17 people...well, 15 to 17 people,” Roberts revealed. “It takes a village. It really does.”  So just to give you my personal favorites to gettingready for an event like this.

Exercise is a must for shapely arms and a fit physique, so at this point I am turning it up at the gym and also trying out some new activities to shock my body. Some good old fashion cardio always leads to glowing skin even if you can't shed 10 pounds in a week. 

Stars also need about a month of lead time if Botox or fillers are part of their beauty plan,and about 60-70% of them are doing it.  If you aren't into doing those types of treatments and want a more natural look,then I recommend really paying attention to your skincare and bringing that up a notch.  This isn't the time to dive into new products, so hopefully you already have some amazing products on hand. I personally like to add in a sheet mask with Aloe Vera for 20 minutes, some natural carrot eye collagen masks, and a rice scrub twice a week.  Other than that I am sticking to my SMD Inhyunjin toner, Alogel, essence, eye cream, emulsion, snail serum, and night cream. 

One will always experience complexion benefits of healthy eating and exercise, along with drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep.  Stay away from alcohol, which can cause general puffiness. We know B12 helps break down alcohol, so that is an option too. Some people are fans of vitamin injections, but I personally haven't tried any.

There are also many natural ways of flushing out your body. The dandelion tea is a brilliant diuretic that helps to prevent water retention and flushes out toxins.  Even adding in some lemon into your water by using real lemons or an organic lemon natural oil is amazing.  Stay away from sugar and salt a week before the event as well...helps reduce water retention.  If you have time to go to the spa and do a steam and massage I highly recommend that for calming the nerves and moving the fluids out of your body.

Other than that, be healthy, smile and have fun!! You only live once.

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