How to Fight Dry Winter Skin

The weather outside may be dry and frightful but your skin doesn’t have to be!  So how do we deal with these changes…because I can tell you I am already noticing I need to change things up here in California! It’s dry and my skin is saying yikes!

Start moisturizing from the inside out! Happy hydrated skin begins by drinking the recommended eight ounce of glasses of water per day. And if you are anything like me and really struggle with this drink tea, some Kombucha, natural flavored water, whatever you can! I personally love slicing a lime or lemon and adding it to a cold glass of water.

Next, prepare your skin through exfoliation! Exfoliating helps keep the top layer of your skin as fresh as possible and ready to absorb product.  It’s a myth that you need harsh beaded products to exfoliate so please be kind to your skin. No rubbing the skin raw or taking a wash cloth and scrubbing skin off! It actually causes more harm than good. Instead use exfoliating ingredients to promote dermal freshness.  Look for products with Vitamin C or glycerin. Both SMD’s Toners, Saromae and Inhyunjin are excellent choices! The Saromae Radiance line is packed with Vitamin C, E and F…these vitamins help with anti-aging, brightening, and healthier skin amount other benefits. So exfoliate and PH balance your skin with one of these amazing toners. Love them!

Finally moisturize skin from the outside in.  Moisturizer is important year-round, and particularly in winter with the skin is extra dry from the elements. I like to double up with my serums and moisturizer at this time of year. Your skin needs moisturizer twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. If you can get your hands on one of these ampoules, which come in the SMD sets, layer one of those bad boys on for a skin crisis week like I am having.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you go without sunscreen…no, no! Always use sunscreen 30 SPF or higher daily.  Please find an organic or natural sunscreen, this is sitting on your face ALL day.

In the evening finish off with a rich night cream that repairs your skin overnight.  Again consider what you are putting on your face since it will be sitting on your skin for an entire evening which is why I believe it’s so important to stick with safe and non-toxic products.  It’s a myth that we need chemicals to change our skin…the skin industry wants you to believe that, but it’s simply not true.

The most common mistake is to use too many different products with different ingredients, which irritate the skin and can cause perioral dermatitis. It is important to look at the ingredients and to make sure they are beneficial to the skin before using a product. The quality of the skin is strongly dependent on its regeneration process, which starts at 11 pm. It is highly recommended to avoid a lifestyle with too little sleep and a poor diet. My go to is the Inhyunjin Night Repair Cream. The product lasts forever and has some of the most amazing natural Asian herbs on this planet!

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