SMD’s Saromae Quintessential Snail Serum is cruelty-free! So, how is it made?

Saromae Snail Serum is something out of this world…just so we are clear!  But how is it collected everyone keeps asking?! Are snails harmed?  Are there actual snails in the serum?  The answer is, No!  Only snail mucin or filtrate…

SMD Cosmetics does not support animal cruelty or animal testing of any kind!  The snails move over a bumpy surface, which stimulates their mucus production.  The mucus is then collected, to be processed.  SMD extracts only the essential and effective elements of the mucus to make their unique formula.

Designed to offer the PERFECT balance of natural ingredients, formulation and viscosity to achieve the optimum results in texture, efficacy and absorption, SMD’s Saromae Quintessential Snail Serum Concentrate features the IDEAL 62% of pure snail filtrate.  The sticky mess of 100% snail mucin is addressed, thereby making it the perfect way to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and help prevent the appearance of premature age.

Loaded with a many other unique herbal medicinal ingredients, Saromae Quintessential Snail Serum Concentrate is a high-performance, multi-functional serum is designed to do it ALL– deeply hydrate, smooth, repair and brighten skin, while protecting against environmental aggressors, leaving skin softer, glowing, more youthful looking and absolutely stunning.  Safe and non-toxic.

What I love is that the product is long-lasting!!   My jar has lasted me close to a year!  A little goes a long way…so worth it!

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