The Biggest Mistake You’re Making with the 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine

One of the most common misconceptions about the 10-step Korean skin care routine is that you should introduce all of the products – or at least multiple ones – to your skin at once. This can be a recipe for irritation and breakouts. Here, we detail how to ease into the 10-step routine, and what to do if you’ve already gone too fast, too furious.

Too often we field messages from distressed readers who are experiencing issues like breakouts, redness, or even burning sensations after delving into a new skin care routine. Sometimes the culprit at the source of these concerns is an individual product, but it can also be a reaction to receiving too many new products at one time.

This is why we never recommend adding more than one new product to your routine at a time, and we always recommend patch testing first.

But what should you do if you already went full throttle on a new line-up of products and are now suffering the consequences? Read on below for pro tips from a top dermatologist.

Stop Everything

When someone is experiencing a reaction to a skin care product but they’re not sure which one, we generally recommend stopping everything other than gentle basics.

Reintroduce New Products Very Slowly 

We get it – you just invested some serious cash into new skin care products, so of course you want to use them. But patience can’t be stressed enough when it comes to skin care. Don’t start adding products back into your routine until you’re SURE that your skin has recovered.

Remember That Finding the Perfect Routine Is a Process 

Contrary to popular belief, most skin care products don’t perform miracles overnight. Generally, a product doesn’t offer real results until the second or third week of consistent use.

Bottom Line

We know it’s tempting to slather on a bunch of new products as soon as you bring them home, but bettering your skin is a marathon not a sprint. Be patient, pay attention to ingredients and how your skin reacts to them and what you’re mixing together and we promise that your skin will thank you for it.

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