Top Hollywood Industry Make-Up Artist Loves SMD Cosmetics and has shared her OWN before and after pics!! No Filters and no retouching!!!

Top Hollywood Industry Make-up Artist, Elizabeth Hoel Chang, is over the moon with SMD products!!  She is not only GORGEOUS but SUPER talented!  She has only been using our products for a month and has seen DRAMATIC results!!! Elizabeth is a seasoned, award-winning expert make up artist and is currently working at “This Is Us.”  Elizabeth is an Hollywood Industry Leader and has worked on countless high profile projects as HEAD MAKE-UP ARTIST including,”The Kroll Show”, “Parks & Recreation”, and “The House!” We are so blessed to have her support and love!!

Elizabeth has been using SMD’s Saromae Quintessential Snail Serum and Inhyunjin Emulsion for less than a month and here’s what she had to say, in  HER OWN WORDS!  She also sent her own before and after photos, that were untouched and taken without filters!!!

Elizabeth Hoel-Chang wrote,

“It’s been month, and I’ve sent before and after photos, unfiltered, no makeup only the use of the Aloe gel, Snail cream, and Inhyunjin BioNs 2. There is definitely a difference in the redness of my skin after using the three products!! I’m also pleased to report no breakouts at all!! My skin definitely loves it!! I did notice that when I ran out of the Aloe sample (after a week) my skin was dryer even after I used the BioNs 2 or Snail Cream.. so I use the BioNs 2 and the Snail Cream together to keep my skin hydrated enough. I love these products. They feel amazing on my skin, and I feel confident I’m doing good for it by using them!!”
Being that our products are approved by the Korean FDA as a proven anti-aging product means that Elizabeth’s results are not atypical… They are results that our  INHYUNJIN devotees love about our products!  We hope that you will have a chance to try it and experience it for yourself!!   will experience!  SMD Products sold here

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