Inhyunjin Toner Purifying Revitalizer


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Refreshing and soothing formula, keeping skin calm, balanced and purified.

  • ‍Cleanses, softens and tones the skin naturally with fermented cork tree bark extract
  • Purifies and refines pores, while gently awakens skin with deep hydration
  • Creates a thin protective membrane on the skin to combat environmental damage

Inhyunjin Toner Purifying Revitalizer: 120ML/4.05 fl oz

Key Ingredients

Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil ~ Is a superior skin moisturizer. Containing a perfect balance of essential fatty acids such as oleic, linoleic and palmitoleic acids, one of the best macadamia nut oil skin benefits is its skin hydrating and moisturizing properties. These fatty acids nourish the skin, help combat dry flakes and lock in moisture.

Beta-Glucan ~ naturally derived, found in yeast, bacteria, fungi, seaweed, and grains like oats. Beta-Glucan boosts the natural barrier, which protects "the sensitive skin underneath from daily environmental stressors. It acts as a humectant in the skin, which means it locks hydration in and prevents moisture loss. Tests have shown beta-glucan is 20% more hydrating than hyaluronic acid at the same concentration.

Betaine ~ is a 100% natural, moisturizing and skin conditioning agent. An amazing multi-functional ingredient that has benefits to the skin. Betaine binds to water molecules and can trap moisture in the skin improving overall skin hydration. Helps rebuild and repair the skin barrier function. It can also help reduce the appearance of blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.

Magnolia Obovata Bark ~ contains two anti-inflammatory substances, magnolol and honokiol, which reportedly inhibit the activation of NF-KB, a key mediator in both inflammatory and aging processes. The herb also reduces facial skin redness and improves the hydration and visco-elastic properties of the skin, notably on the crow’s feet area.

After cleansing your skin, apply a small amount to face and neck. A cotton ball isn't necessary. Gently massage in an upward and outward motion, allowing nutrients to absorb into the skin.

"I used this product for over two weeks now and it is one of the best toners I have tried. It leaves my dry skin feeling moisturizing, smoothing and refreshing. It is gentle and won’t leave my skin feeling tight or dried out. I’m very sensitive to smell and I love this low-scented toner." Tram N., Arlighton, TX

"Okay, I have spent some serious money in the past 10 years trying to adhere to medical diagnosis and treatments for face issues like rosacea and NONE WORKED. Put down the pharmaceutical treatments and try this if you love yourself enough. I am completely clean and clear after using this toner for 2 weeks. Keeps the PH balance in my skin so that it is balanced out no matter what. I use it before bed and in the morning before applying makeup. No complaints, reactions, sensitivity, nothing...bam boom.. face saver." Julie B., San Francisco, CA

"My skin feels and looks even better than it did before - which is saying a lot with almost-60 year old skin and continuing to spend unlimited time in the sun. Thank you SMD! I've never used toner before but now I am hooked." Ivie T., Venice, CA

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