Beer for beautiful skin…anyone?!

Since it is March Madness I figured a lot of people are drinking beer but did you know beer extract has some amazing skin care qualities!?! Ok so not necessarily drinking the beer…sorry, BUT…it has many uses for natural skin care products.

Beer has been used topically for years! It’s thought that the women of ancient Egypt and Rome used beer regularly as part of the beauty routine to help keep the skin smooth and diminish discoloration.

Yeast extract is an excellent humectant (it is a super-hydrater) comprised of a complex mixture of proteins, sugars, and amino acids. This complex helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyper-pigmentation by discouraging melanin production. Anecdotal results include boosting collagen production and contributing to overall brightening. Makes it an excellent ingredient to skin lightening skincare products like SMD’s Saromae Radiance line.

Yeast is a good source of beta-glucans, which stimulates the immune system, and vitamin B. Your body requires B vitamins to maintain healthy skin and using beer yeast extract in your skincare is one the best ways to absorb it. Sounds perfect!!

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