Cleansing Oil…what is it?!

SMD Cosmetic’s ancient herbal cleansing oil, is rich with antioxidants and minerals for safely and gently removing dirt and impurities.  Cleansing oil has the ability to safely and gently remove dirt and impurities, while maintaining skin balance and enrich the skin with moisture-rich fatty acids. I have never even heard of cleansing oil until I was introduced to this product…ok, so yes I got stuck in a little rut with my skincare.  But here is why this cleansing oil is so amazing!


Safflower Oil – this is a favorite in natural skincare because it’s a botanical alternative to synthetic emollients. It’s a potent hydrator and ideal for dry, sensitive complexions.


Apricot Kernel Oil – this lightly fragrant oil is made from cold pressing dried seeds and is packed with fatty acids, vitamins A, C, and E, and a ton of antioxidants to keep your skin looking young and moisturized!


Jojoba Seed Oil – Jojoba oil has many qualities in helping the skin cells reserve and retain moisture. It is very gentle and so it suits all types of skin even the most sensitive. It can effectively penetrate the skin easily to improve flexibility and elasticity. Jojoba Oil few of many qualities for skin are reducing wrinkles and lightening skin marks, scars and stretch marks.


Sunflower Seed Oil –  When applied to skin, sunflower seed oil can be effective against acne, eczema, scarring, redness and irritation? It’s an incredible hydrating agent. Sunflower oil helps retain moisture; it’s high in Vitamin E, A, C and D as well.

Where can you buy this amazing cleanser?  SMD Cosmetics

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