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I love sharing our before and after posts…it is so exciting and rewarding to see people skin heal of acne, scarring, age or sun spots from SMD Cosmetic products.  Here are some that came through today on FB!

Post number 1:

OK, my sweet daughter is such a sport for letting me share her before and after pics! THIS DRASTIC TRANSFORMATION HAS TAKEN PLACE IN TWO WEEKS!!! We are so thrilled with the results of the SMD Cosmetic’s AloGel Skin Perfecting Botanical and the Replenishing Volcanic Ash Mask from Fenix that she isn’t bothered by her teenage acne anymore!! This hit her out of nowhere! We tried everything! Who would have thought? The partners of SMD both experienced this miraculous transformation (adult acne) with this product and told me that I had to try this on her. It is FABULOUS! This gel is all natural and non toxic. And, it’s a rare aloe formula that absorbs into the skin so you can apply makeup over it. She puts this on morning and night. And the mask by Fenix draws out impurities and is also toxin free. She is thrilled and so am I!!! The direct links are below. If you have a membership you get 25% off all of your orders!


Post number #2 Liliana has been using the Saromae Brightening line for age and sun spots for just 3 weeks now!  She has has the Inhyunjin travel set!  They are rocking!!


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