Preservatives in skincare…let’s talk about it…

Recently I made a trip to the mall and went in all of the big department stores in search for ALL natural skincare. Shockingly, I had a very difficult time finding anything that was truly 100% natural! Natural or organic ingredients is much different that 100% natural/organic with natural preservatives. So let’s discuss why anyone should care about all these preservatives and if anything is truly natural.

Commercial products are typically loaded with preservatives to allow them to remain fresh during the long span between the time of manufacture and the time the customer finishes using it. Although the preservatives do extend the longevity of the products and help keep them free from bacteria, the preservatives themselves are often unhealthy. Many cause or promote skin problems and some are even reported to cause cancer.

There are many really good skin care products available on the market today, many of them using wonderful organic, ethically harvested ingredients. However, many of those products still fall short on being non-toxic simply by using preservative compounds that range from moderate to high in health hazard (as per Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database).

Now as to my personal conclusion: I have chosen to go with a long list of natural preservatives. I get healthy skin care products which will remain stable in all environments and all of the ingredients are from natural plant sources. Why need any preservatives? Because I know I don’t want micro-organisms to be able to rapidly multiply in my favorite jar of skin cream since they will compromise my skin health. And I am not convinced, and studies have not proven that all the fancy sounding chemical or synthetic anti-aging emollients truly work any better than plant extracts. My skin looks great and feels quite smooth, and I am staying away from all of the anti-aging synthetic gunk. Besides if watchdog groups are claiming absorption of these crèmes into the skin then why would you want more chemicals going in?

Well that’s it folks…kind of in a nutshell! It is all about personal choice on this one.

SMD Cosmetics is one of the few skincare lines that has natural ingredients with natural preservatives. SMD keeps natural by using natural preserving herbs which work in perfect synergy with product blends, your skin and safety.

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