The I N H Y U J I N Multi-Step Regimen

Let’s SIMPLIFY and breakdown the steps for INHYUNJIN!!  It will feel like when you were first learning how to drive… At first, it feels complicated and perhaps overwhelming and, once you get the hang of it, it will feel like second nature!  Just remember the shortcut, start with the lightest and most watery formulation and then end with the thickest, in texture.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to get your hands on the INHYUNJIN set, and are READY for the instructions, here it is:

1.)  First cleanse your face, thoroughly with any product that is natural and not too harsh.  (We recommend, our Saimdang Cleansing Oil).

2.)  Second step is to use the Toner.  It will be the largest of all of the bottles and it should be a white watery texture.  It is VERY healing and nourishing.  Typically, toners are used to wipe away any excess dirt and oil, but our Inhyunjin Toner is not be wasted in this manner!!  Throw away your cosmetic pads, girls (and guys, who are lucky enough to share with their very generous partners)!   Gently squirt a single pump in the palm of your hand and pat it gently into your skin.  It is super hydrating and nourishing, so your skin will just drink it up!  The heat from your hands will aid the absorption of this precious liquid, so pat away…  The Inhyunjin Toner cleanses, softens and tones the skin naturally with fermented cork tree bark extract, purifies and refines pores, while gently awakening the skin with deep hydration.  It actually helps to create a thin protective membrane on the skin to combat environmental damage.

3.)  The third step is the MOST important of all of the steps!!!  The Inhyunjin Essence is the GAME-CHANGER!!!  It’s vitamin rich formula will help to turn back time and truly change the texture and tone of your skin.  Again, take one small pump onto your fingertip and smooth it onto your face and neck, using an upward and outward motion.

4.) Fourth step is the Inhyunjin Emulsion will look and feel like a lotion, because it is.  Except like no other lotion you have EVER used!  All of SMD’s products are multi-active and multi-function.  Meaning that there are over 35-40 premium, active ingredients in each formulation, whereas most of the other products out there have only 1-3 active ingredients!  What?!   Your skin will feel like it took a deep, refreshing gulp of water after being lost in the Mojave Desert!

5.)  The Final Step for you skincare routine is the Inhyunjin Night Creme.  This last step is the MOST hydrating of all of the steps.  It is also the thickest, and creamiest of all of the steps.  It is also in the beautiful screw off top, so there is no mistaking it.  I recommend you use it in the evening, as directed, BUT, it is also AMAZING during the day, especially when the weather is particularly harsh and unforgiving.  The skin on our face is so delicate, but yet we expose it such detrimental elements like the sun, the snow, the wind and the impossibly drying indoor heater!  Please, help your skin be protected from these dreadful elements and use this cream at night to heal, hydrate and help reverse the signs of aging as you sleep.  This is the time when there is actual cell-turnover and you can really take advantage of the nourishing  properties of Inhyunjin’s PATENTED 6 medicinal ingredients that are processed 9TIMES OVER 50DAYS!!!!   The Inhyunjin Night Creme instantly drives moisture deep into the skin for long­ lasting hydration, while addressing visible signs of aging with exclusive fermented Chinese matrimony vine extracts.  You will be amazed how this powerful formula works while you sleep, to achieve silky­ smooth skin by morning!!!

The FINAL bonus is that with normal and recommended daily use, the products are designed to last about 6-8 months!!  Each product is so potent and effective that only a small amount is needed to obtain the results!

And, there you have it!  The steps to using the INHYUNJIN SET!  Please feel free to document how your skin changes with before and after pictures of yourself!  If you submit them to us, we would love to feature you!  Don’t be SHOCKED if people start stopping you on the street about your AMAZING skin!!

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